Not All Research Swine Is the Same

Tissue Source recognizes your commitment to the quality research that drives human and veterinary medicine. As an established provider of live swine, for laboratory research, we too are committed to the same expectations of quality and humane care for the animals we provide.

Using only swine from qualified herd sources, our animals are raised in a highly monitored bio-secure environment and to strict genetic and nutritional requirements.          

Class A Breeder's License

Animal Traceability

Highly Monitored Biosecurity

Quality Control Documentation

Specific Pathogen Free (SPF) Accredited

Nutritionist on Site

Pork Quality Assurance Plus (PQA Plus)

Veterinarian on Site

High Health Controlled

Controlled Feed

Weekly Blood Testing

Multiple Breeds Available

Closed Herd

High Volume Capabilities

Strict Environmental Controls

Quality Pork Assurance Transport
Annual Audit to ISO and FDA Standards

Breeds Available: (Not shown: Yorkshire x Landrace Cross)

                                                                   Landrace                                                              Yorkshire


                                                                     Duroc                                                                  Hampshire


Whether you are considering a new primary or a secondary supplier of live swine for your research; the Tissue Source team of professionals is ready to complete all necessary information for your vendor qualification process and meeting your specific needs.
  1. All ages of pigs are available
  2. Pigs will arrive with standard out-of-state health papers and ear tags
  3. Pre-shipment medications available per client request


To make a research pig request, visit