Tissue Source offers CUSTOM and BASIC processing of porcine tissue defined by the confidential requirements of the client. This processing can include traceability of the tissue, solutions used for rinsing and packaging, simple perfusion and specialty packaging. The tissues are shipped overnight delivery with arrival based on the client specifications and the shipping service options available to the delivery location.

The Tissue Source processing team is highly trained with the unique knowledge and skill to process the tissues as our client's specifications require, while adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices and the Tissue Source Quality Management System. Tissue Source works with many of the leading institutions, providing top-of-the-line tissues for research, product development and as a raw material for medical devices, biologics and pharmaceutical products.


Tissue is collected, processed and shipped according to the client tissue requirements. Tissue options include:.

  1. Packaging Preference
  2. Traceability to individual or group of animals
  3. Tissue rinsing preference
  4. Packaging solution preference
  5. Chilled or frozen shipping options
  6. Shipping carrier options



Tissue is collected, processed and shipped as determined by Tissue Source with no tissue traceability to animal. Customization options are not available for Basic Tissue.

International Shipping

Tissue Source ships internationally with experience in shipping to the European Union, Japan and Taiwan.  If we have not shipped to your country, contact us to work with our experienced international shipping team to set up your shipping and export requirements.