Organizing a Successful Porcine Tissue Project

Why custom tissue collection? If you have specific tissue collection requirements (i.e. traceability, preparation protocol, collection time, preservation technique, etc.) it may be difficult to find a provider that meets all of your criteria. Utilizing a specialized tissue provider, such as Tissue Source, is your best option. Tissue Source‚Äôs knowledgeable staff will analyze your unique collection needs and provide potential options to maximize your purchase value.

What tissues do you need? This sounds like a simple question, but the more precise you can be about the exact tissue type(s) required for your project, the easier it is to receive exactly what you want. Fill out the provided Tissue Specification Form with as much information as possible, including detailed descriptions, photos, and diagrams, if appropriate.

Do you know your animal constraints? Have you considered breed, age, and/or weight of the animal? If these factors are important to your outcome, make sure to specify an acceptable range. If not, request market age and market weight animals for the most cost effective option.  

How many samples do you require? How often? Do you require a specific number of samples to be collected over a particular time period? Discounts may be available for larger sample requests and/or recurring orders.  You may want to consider contacting your purchasing department in advance to obtain a purchase order number.

How quickly do you need the samples? Prospective collections can be scheduled within ten days if the existing specifications and purchase order are already in place. However, new tissue orders may take some time as clarification of specifications, acquisition of appropriate age/weight animals, and purchase of requested packaging and shipping items may be required. Depending on the complexity of your request, the number of samples required, tissue harvesting procedures and timetables, it may take several weeks before your collection can be scheduled. It is always best to inquire early!

Know your specifications, but leave room for flexibility: For prospective tissue collections you should identify your preferred collection protocol, preservation solution, and shipping method. However, have you considered whether the use of other methods or materials may also be acceptable? Flexibility may open up the range of animals and collection dates available, which often means a decrease in price.

Shipping method: Tissue Source will collect your tissue immediately after sacrifice, provide custom preparation, pack to your specifications, and ship via overnight commercial delivery. You may also use your own private courier for pick-up and delivery if desired.

Traceability: Identify the level of animal and tissue traceability requirements you need to ensure consistent outcome and yield. For example, do you need to know the specific animal or a cohort of animals from which your tissue is harvested? If so, indicate your preference on the Tissue Source Client Specification Form.