"Tissue Source (as mentioned above) is the best around for harvest of porcine tissues.  I am sure that they can meet your needs"

"We were able to process [the tissue] in the manner that was required for our permeation experiments. The experiments went off rather well and we find both the tissue that we received from you and the experimental results that were generated to be very promising."

"[The Tissues] were well-flushed, and we were overall satisfied with the perfusion."

"All tissues came exactly as we requested. Everything was well labeled, very cold, packaged appropriately, and there were no problems at all."

"In examining the tissue, you did a very nice recovery and pack/ship. Quite pleased."

"Thank you for the outstanding service and technical support as we were developing our platform. I  truly valued working with such a well-oiled team!"

"You guys are great to work with!"

"Just want to let you know the tissues came nicely packed and in very good condition. They were prepared just as I'd hoped they would be. Thank you for your assistance in setting up the collection."

"I'd like to commend you all for a great product."

        "You are the best."

"We have been very impressed with this experience, and will be sure to contact you and your team on the next tissues procurement opportunity."

"I received the tissue samples this morning. Very well packaged and good quality sections. Nice job on trimming away the muscle and fat."

"Thank you...the past several orders have all been excellent!"

"Always very happy with the services.  Never any issues with response time for orders or questions.  Never deviations from expected order/product receipt routines."

"I have nothing but positive things to say about my interaction with Tissue Source and its employees.  Candice handles our account exceptionally and works well with our fluctuating delivery quantities.  It is because of this good work that Tissue Source is our primary source to supply our ex-vivo models."

"Tissues usually come exactly as specified, in consistent condition and perform consistently in laboratory processes."

"Delivery is always consistent and reliable next-day service."

"The tissue always arrives at the proper temperature, and provides consistent results in our models."

"This tissue will work well for my application. It was a pleasure to work with you all."

"We received the tissue specimens....they are absolutely perfect!!! Exactly what we need for this research model.  Having the nice quality tissues will help us to do more studies, and work more with you.  Please thank everyone involved for all they have done to help us!!!!"