Porcine Tissue

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Tailored to your needs.

We’re a little different than other porcine tissue providers, primarily because understanding what’s important to you is central to our mission. We want to know what drives you.

What’s your goal? Are the methods necessary to harvest your target tissue exacting? Or is the process less demanding, but you still need to be confident in the consistency of the product you receive?

Whether you’re here as an innovator, a facilitator, an educator or all of these, our goal is to become your trusted partner. We’re honored to be a part of your process.

What makes us different?

Our QMS is Certified to ISO 13485.

We meet the world-recognized quality standard for finished medical devices even though we are not required by the FDA or other regulatory bodies. Unparalleled quality is central to what we do.

Custom tissue orders are the norm.

We offer the widest range of animal and processing options to ensure our clients get the best value for their projects. Regardless of order size.

We honor confidentiality. Always.

Your Proprietary work will never be compromised. Maintaining customer confidentiality is a foundational practice.

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